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My inspiration for this blog comes from the Wild Little Love’s of my life, my children.

Over the past few years they have inspired me to do fun projects together which flourished when I got my Cricut Explore. I have enjoyed making gifts, birthday decor, cards and more!

My children remind me each day to cherish the moments we have together, and to do so I record those moments and memories in a scrapbook. I look forward to sharing my creative journey with you through the ups and downs of Motherhood. Through this journey they help me to be the best version of myself as we create our best life together.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.


My Story

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family Mother Teresa My name is Whitney and I live in Northern Manitoba, Canada. I am a Christ follower, a wife and stay at home mother of two who has a lot of love to share. All my life I have wanted to […]

My Creative Journey

Photography When I was about 10 my mom gave me her old 35mm camera, it was grey and pink and I couldn’t wait to get some film to use it. That camera inspired the beginning of my love for photography and recording life through pictures. I started out taking pictures of my pets and friends, […]

My Project Story

My journey back to scrapbooking was when I discovered a version of modern scrapbooking or memory keeping by watching a YouTube video by Ali Edwards on documenting life. I was inspired by her methods of memory keeping and it sparked something in me which reminded me that I am a created being who loves to […]

My Portfolio

Locally Grown

Growing food naturally and locally. Harvesting as a family.

I am so excited to share this creative journey with you. I hope you can find inspiration and encouragement here!

We are Created to Create!

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