Cricut Supplies

I wanted to write a post about what I use for my Cricut THE MOST. The information in this post pertains to the Cricut Explore Air 2 supplies.


For any Cricut project you need the Standard Grip Mats. These Mats come in a pack of 3 and you will use these the most.

They are compatible with these materials:

  1. heavy cardstock
  2. patterned paper
  3. vinyl
  4. iron-on
  5. a wide range of medium-weight materials


Next up is the proper blade for your project. Blades last up to 6 months minimum. It depends how much you use your Cricut and what materials you are cutting. You’ll know when to replace it when the cut is no longer crisp and smooth.

Fine Point Blade

The Cricut Explore Air 2 comes with a fine point blade. It helps to have a stock of these fine point blades on hand. This blade cuts most materials and will be your go to blade as a beginner.

This blade cuts:

  1. cardstock
  2. vinyl
  3. iron-on (HTV)
  4. poster board
  5. lightweight fabrics.

Deep Cut Blade

Another type of blade for heavier materials is the deep cut blade and housing. You cannot use this blade without its proper housing.

This blade cuts:

  1. magnet
  2. chipboard
  3. stamp material
  4. thick cardstock
  5. stiffened felt
  6. foam sheets
  7. cardboard
  8. fabric


The tools are for removing the items off the sticky mat effectively. I prefer using the Cricut brand tools.

There you have it! To get started on your first project this is what you will need. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I’d love to chat!

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