Woodland Baby Hangers

I kept myself busy last week working on these cute baby hangers for a friend who is expecting her first baby. When I was pregnant with my son in 2015, I was so excited to set up his nursery! One of my first thoughts as I was setting up his nursery (with a woodland theme) is that I wanted the space to be organized and functional. I found some printable monthly labels and put them on some bins. That was my pre-Cricut days so it was pretty simple, but it did the job and it helped me organize his clothes. Now that I have my Cricut, I decided to make some pretty closet hangers with it to bless a friend for her baby boys nursery.

I found this project idea on Cricut Access. It’s a free project so you can do it even if you don’t have the subscription. It took me some time to sort out exactly how I was going to do it since the project has a couple different options. I didn’t do it exactly like the images show, but I’m happy with how they turned out.

I love that you can personalize the project however you want. I changed the font to American Typewriter, removed the label on the top of the hanger and layered the paper differently than the original design. For the layers I used Cricut Kraft Board and Cricut Deluxe Woodland card stock. This Woodland card stock is one of my favorites and it cuts beautifully on the Cricut. I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut out this project. I chose Cricut Kraft Board instead of Cricut Chip Board (as recommended in the project), because the kraft board was easier to cut on my Explore Air 2 using the fine point blade. The chip board requires the knife blade which is used in the Cricut Maker. The kraft board was a great alternative and cut beautifully, and with three layers it was the perfect thickness for the hangers. To adhere the layers I used my Tombow glue tape runner.

Once the hangers were complete, I labeled them with the circle labels from the Cricut Access project. The first circle is glued directly to the hanger, and for the next two circles I used 3D foam squares to pop them up. To complete the hanger I used the Creative Memories corner punch to round the edges.

I love how this project turned out!

All wrapped up and ready to go, I delivered it to my friend and she was delighted! It’s such a joy to work on tasks like this, and use my creative abilities to bless others. Especially during this time of isolation, we can all benefit from a some creative inspiration and gifts as a little pick-me up!

What projects have you been working on lately? What inspires you and has kept you positive during this time?

We are all Created to Create!


Let’s do this!

I am so excited to share that I received my Heidi Swapp supplies for my 2020 scrapbook album. I ordered it locally from The Scrapbook Cottage.

The set I chose was Honey and Spice and the album style I am doing is storyline. This style is set up to be easy with minimal supplies required. All of the pages are already in the book, no need for extra card stock (unless you want to).

I am looking forward to “live in the moment” and scrapbook our memories for 2020. This year has already brought more than I could ever expect to face. But taking it day by day and cherishing the moments through scrapbooking helps to get me through!

I am so thankful for the ability to do this hobby and am glad I can share my journey of my wild little love adventure with you!

We are Created to Create.


Today’s Treasures

Today has been a great day! It is sunny outside and the snow is finally melting and for the first time this year it actually feels like spring! Having some beautiful white tulips on my table helps too! Every year I buy daffodils or tulips this time of year to embrace spring even if the ground here is still covered in snow. Yes, there is still snow where I live in Northern Manitoba. To enjoy this sunny “spring” day I took the kids for a drive out to the lake for a walk. It was so wonderful to be in nature.

During this time of social isolation it has been crucial for my mental state to get out in nature and have a change in scenery. We are so blessed in the north because we are surrounded by forest and lakes. It is so easy for us to safely get outside for a walk and not see anyone. Being more isolated up north, we are fortunate that there are no #Covid-19 cases yet. Despite that fact, it is still critical that we maintain safe distances and practices up here to stay safe and stop the spread if any cases should arise. Our community has taken many actions to achieve that for which I am thankful for. My heart goes out to those who are in cities where getting out in nature isn’t quite as easy to do. Even though we still have LOTS of snow, I will take snow and the freedom to get outside in nature over big city living any day.

While we were out today I saw two eagles and one hawk. It was so beautiful to see nature at its finest, the eagles soaring through the sky, so free. It occurred to me that while we are all at home isolated, nature is still free. Most of all, nature can heal from all of the pollution and damage we do to it. The animals ecosystems can recover and hopefully find balance without the effects of human presence. I realize I say this while sharing that I was in nature walking, but what I am talking about is the effect in nature on a larger scale.

Globally our world has changed because of this viral outbreak. Both in nature and in humanity. We rely on technology now more than ever and as people lose loved ones or fall ill, their lives are being changed forever. My hope is that through this all we can find healing and humility. That we will all use this time to cherish time with our families, and to take a step back to humbly recognize the things in life that are most important. The Bible says:

For where your treasures are, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

I hope we can all reflect on where our hearts are and once this is over we can move towards a better earth, a better way of living and maintain our focus on the things that really matter. Nature is free, and we can be free too, even in isolation, there is freedom! I pray you can find that freedom, whatever it looks like for you. For me I enjoy the freedom of the north to enjoy God’s creation, to be reminded of the simpler things in life that are to be cherished, like an eagle flying overhead and time outside with my kids.

We all are living a legacy right now. It is up to us how we choose to spend our time during this #pandemic. What are you treasuring during this time?How are you choosing to spend your time in isolation? Are you walking in freedom?

We are all created to create!


My Favorite Ink

There are so many Ink options for stamping. I love using stamps for my memory books and if you’ve ever used stamps you know that the type of ink makes a BIG difference.

The different types of ink I have used are: Archival Ink, Pigment Ink, Solvent Ink and water based Dye Ink. I did a stamp test to show the various types and how they turned out on white printer paper.

1. My favourite ink to use, especially if it’s a tricky surface is StazOn™ Solvent Ink. It goes on nice and dark, dries quickly and won’t smudge. It is by far the best ink and you can buy refill ink to fill the cartridge. The key with this ink is that you need to use the StazOn™ Cleaning solution to clean your stamps. Soap and water will work, but the solution works best and can be used to clean off other inks from your stamps as well.

2. My second favorite type of ink is Pigment Ink. I enjoy using it both in black and colored. The colors show up quite opaque. I prefer this ink because it does not bleed through the page and it dries quickly.

3. My third favorite is water based Dye Ink. I prefer using colored ink over black ink for this type. I find the colors come out differently than Pigment Ink, they are more translucent. The downside to this ink is that it can bleed through the paper and it doesn’t always show up on textured or coated paper.

4. Last for me is the Archival Ink. It is a certain style of ink color that I’m not a huge fan of. It’s more bluish than black. It can also bleed through the page since it is a Dye Ink and will not always show up on every surface. I’ve seen projects done with it before and it can look great, however it’s not my personal favorite.

Another Ink I have heard great things about and have wanted to try is the Versasfine™ Ink. It is made by the same brand as StazOn™ and is great quality. It is supposed to dry quickly and provide a crisp clear image. I hope to try that one in the future.

For an all around ink to use on any surface StazOn™ Ink is by far the best choice! I hope this helps in your stamping endeavors.

*Disclosure: If you click on the links you will be redirected to an affiliate site where I will receive a commission upon making a purchase. Opinions and reviews on this site are my own.

Feel free to comment with any questions below!!

I’d love to hear about your projects and what your favorite type or brand of ink is!

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Virtual Crop 2020

At this time we could all use some connection with others and something productive to fill our time while we are all at home. This past weekend I joined in on a Creative Memories virtual crop. Creativity is such an amazing outlet for me and these virtual crops are a great way to connect. During this online crop we shared our projects using Creative Memories materials and it was so fun to engage in scrapbooking with others across Canada and see what they made. This crop was unique because it was a Worldwide crop, scrapbookers all the way from Canada, USA, Japan and Australia and more, were able to join in!

What is a crop?

This is a question I often get from people who are unfamiliar with the memory keeping/scrapbooking world. A crop is an event where people get together and work on their scrapbooking projects. It’s usually hosted by a company or a scrapbook supply store who provide materials and the space to craft with a registration fee. Attending in person is such a joy and something I greatly look forward to, especially with the long winters here in the north. However, with this Pandemic happening and social distancing a must, virtual crops are a wonderful option! I’m so thankful for technology that we can continue to create together even if it’s in an online format.

During this crop we were challenged to create a layout based on the ones they provided. Each challenge/layout was numbered and prizes are awarded for each challenge as long as we used Creative Memories materials.

Here is one of the layouts I completed this weekend:

It was a simple layout but I am happy how it turned out! I used this layout sketch from Challenge #6 to complete it.

If you’d ever like to join one of these in the future, check out more information on these virtual crops here.

Creative Memories products are of such high-quality and their paper packs and stickers coordinate beautifully on scrapbook pages. Usually, in there paper pack sets they also provide layouts to follow with measurements called project recipes that give you tons of ideas on how to lay out your page. This company makes scrapbooking easy and seamless, and for those experienced scrappers it provides beautiful products to create with. Click on the link below to check out the Creative Memories blog.

If your interested in purchasing any for the Creative Memories products you can contact Janet Laybolt who is our local Creative Memories consultant. Click on the link below to go to her website.

We are all facing the same thing right now with social distancing during this pandemic, so it was very encouraging during this Worldwide crop to see others creating and making the most of their time at home. It inspired me to continue to create, to keep pressing on, and to continue to find things to be thankful for and rejoice in! Memory keeping helps me to focus on the special moments we have each day.

What is your creative outlet? If you don’t have a creative hobby, I’d suggest looking through some old albums, be inspired by the stories in your life and see if you can find a way to record and embrace the moments and stories you are living right now!

I’d love to hear about your creative projects and am excited to share more of my creative journey during this #pandemic. Stay positive!! Keep creating!

We are Created to Create!


Wedding Bells!

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Ephesians 4:2

Weddings are such an exciting time of life. So much planning and preparation goes into one very special day. Last year, June 2019, my sister-in-law got married. It feels weird writing that because she is way more of a sister to me than a “sister-in-law” is considered to be. Knowing she waiting SO long for this grand day left me on pins and needles from the time I heard about the engagement, until the time she said “I DO”. I was so excited for them!

My brilliant plan was to be able to use my crafty abilities to create some signs and anything else I could muster up to help them with their special day. I designed some invitations and thank you cards for her bridal shower. I designed these ones with my mother-in-law and was so excited to find some of the floral touches online to create the vision that she was hoping for.

Once the weather turned nice, my husband and I started on their wedding signs. It was such a joy to work as a team on these signs. They are made with old pallets. We sanded them down, used the Cricut to make stencils and spray painted them. These signs were used on the road and she was happy with how they turned out!

The next step was the more intricate signs. I enjoyed the time we spent together going over her vision for them and I was eager to make them perfect for her big day! She picked out the font and I got to work. I designed these signs using Cricut Design Space. I used the Cricut Stencil Vinyl to adhere to the wood then I painted the stencil to achieve this result. She was going for a rustic look so I found an oxidizing stain which required a few coats to create a nice weathered, rustic look. I was happy with how crisp the letters showed up on the wood. I found that the stain acted differently depending on the type of wood used. You can see the slight variations in the first picture below.

Once the wedding signs were complete, and they were happy with them, I started on the Bachelorette party items. This of course was a surprise for her so me and the girls went to work planning and I got to make some fun additions to the party. I personalized some jars for the girls and designed the decals in Cricut Design Space. I have been so thankful at how easy to use Design Space is and what I have been able to create with it.

Then on to some party shirts for the girls! We did a mermaid theme! I love that we both share the love for mermaids. I made some tank tops for all the girls, and I tucked the shirts in the drinking jars and we were ready to go for a fun celebration.

This was one of the most rewarding projects I have done. From start to finish with multiple events all with the end goal to bless the bride. The months leading up to the wedding felt like I was always creating, always designing and perfecting it for her. Being a part of this wedding was such a highlight of my year and a memory I will never forget! I am so happy for them and soon they will be sharing their 1st year anniversary! HUGE congrats to the happy couple.

I would love to do more projects like this in the future.

We are Created to Create!


Bubble Birthday!

After completing a few Birthday projects in 2019 I was approached by a friend to work on a design for her daughter’s 1st Birthday. She wanted a Bubble theme and showed me a few ideas of what she had in mind. Using her Pinterest board as inspiration I was able to find a bubble SVG file and designed the rest around that. My first step was creating the invitations. (above image) Once I designed the individual pieces and text on Cricut Design Space, I use the print and cut feature then assembled the elements. It was a lot to assemble and tricky to make them exactly the same, but it was a success. I am so happy how they turned out, and so was she.

I designed a “One” cake copper using glitter cardstock. The Cricut did amazing cutting this with the custom ‘Glitter Cardstock’ setting since it is a little thicker than regular cardstock. I adhered it to two toothpicks and it worked great on the cake she had made.

I also designed a name decal for her highchair. Once I had the name designed in the chosen script font I cut it out on the glitter cardstock, added two holes in the ends and she tied ribbon to it to hang in front of her daughter’s highchair. It looked amazing!

She also wanted some favour tags for some bubble bottles. These were simple to create on Cricut Design Space using the print and cut feature. I used my paper punch to cut out the flower die cuts as the backing, added holes and then she added ribbon to tie around the bottles.

Ever since getting the Cricut my little guy was very eager to help. He was only 3 1/2 when I got it, but he just loves doing creative projects with his mama. So with my wild little love in tow, we created these little 1’s for confetti on the table. He was such a good helper!

The best part of this project was making her vision a reality. Its such a successful feeling when you can create what someone else envisions, and such a joy to create something that they are happy with! A first Birthday is no joke, its such a milestone to reach and an important time to celebrate. I was thankful she chose me to design the little touches for her daughters special day.

We are Created to Create!