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If you want to change the world, go home and love your family

Mother Teresa

My name is Whitney and I live in Northern Manitoba, Canada. I am a Christ follower, a wife and stay at home mother of two who has a lot of love to share. All my life I have wanted to change the world, to somehow make it a better place and spread love unto others. When I became pregnant with my first child in 2014, I felt the calling to stay home. My original plan was to change the world through medicine, but God had other plans for me. My son was born in 2015 and my life was changed forever. As I followed this calling and left my job to stay at home, I invested my heart in growing and teaching my son with the desire to show him the greatest love he could ever imagine. Then in 2017 I was blessed with another child, a daughter. They have opened my heart to experience an unimaginable love and led me to grow in ways I never thought possible. They have given me strength and purpose in this world and God has used me to change the world through them.

As I continue this journey of Motherhood I seek to be the best version of myself so that I can always be there for them and to serve my family well. My calling to stay home has proven itself righteous over and over. Although it has had its challenging moments, I am thankful for the personal growth its given me. The next step of my journey was to discover how I could use the gifts and talents God has given me, and I have received the calling to create! My creative desire is inspired by the love I have for my children, they are my Wild Little Loves and I love documenting our journey together. I believe we are ALL created to create! From creating a beautiful garden, to cooking, to recording memories through photographs and memory books, to painting or writing, whatever it looks like, we all have the ability to create in some form.

I am excited to share this creative journey with you and I would love to hear about what inspires you to create! If you haven’t discovered that yet, I hope this site inspires you to try something new and to harness that creative side within you!

We are all created to create!


My Creative Journey


When I was about 10 my mom gave me her old 35mm camera, it was grey and pink and I couldn’t wait to get some film to use it. That camera inspired the beginning of my love for photography and recording life through pictures. I started out taking pictures of my pets and friends, then when I went on a trip with my Dad my love for photography took off! I photographed our journey driving from Manitoba to British Columbia. It was so scenic and we had so many fun adventures along the way. He took those pictures and put together a picture book for me, very simple, with pictures on that sticky back paper and plastic over top, and below he documented the events and funny memories we shared. It’s exciting to realize that both my Mom and Dad had a hand in my scrapbooking journey. They inspired me to document life and to cherish the moments we are given. To this day, I still find so much joy in looking back at pictures that showcase the cherished memories with the loved ones in my life. 


I first started traditional scrapbooking when I was 13 years old. I was biking in downtown Brandon, MB and I happened to see a store called Scrapbookers Safari so I went in and I was in awe and wonder. I had always loved crafting and sketching, but this was next level. All of the fun products and materials made me so excited. I spoke to the ladies there and I was inspired. I went home to tell my mom all about it and we went back together to get some supplies. I still have some of those supplies to this day, 20 years later. That winter I had my birthday celebration there and we all did a scrapbook class together where the products were supplied and it was so much fun! I was excited to discover a new way to showcase my photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, but without some context or documentation about the picture, the story behind the picture is lost. This is where scrapbooking came in for me. I got to use my artistic side, along with my love of photography to create artwork which showcased my cherished memories.This experience ingrained in me the importance and value of photography, especially the photos and moments shared with our loved ones. 


Cherishing photos and memories of loved ones hits a whole new level when you lose someone you love. Upon that loss, the memories are strong, but over time they fade. I experienced this with the loss of my Grandmother at the age of 5. We lived with my Grandparents so she was like a Mother to me. Over time the memories of our time together faded, but I still felt her so close to my heart. She didn’t like pictures to be taken of her so there weren’t many, but the ones I had, I held dear. Therefore, I cherished all the photos I had of her to remember her by. Since then I have enjoyed taking pictures of my loved ones, to cherish their memory and story in different stages and seasons of life. As memories fade the stories are harder to remember so that’s when I realised that documenting along with photography is so important. 


Fast forward 20 years and the birth of my children, my wild little loves, inspired me to start scrapbooking again. Entering into the world of scrapbooking or memory keeping so many years later was a challenge in that it had changed so much. I felt I had so much to learn and was excited for that new challenge. I discovered so many ways to document life, and was inspired by the new style of modern scrapbooking. It captured my heart for creativity. Documenting our life together has helped me cherish the special moments, seasons and stages I have had with my family. 

We all have a story to tell, our stories are valuable and the people that are a part of those stories are important to remember. This is the story of my journey so far, and your journey matters too! I’d love to hear about your creative journey and how you got inspired to scrapbook or what got you to the creative outlet you do.

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We are Created to Create!


My Project Story

My journey back to scrapbooking was when I discovered a version of modern scrapbooking or memory keeping by watching a YouTube video by Ali Edwards on documenting life. I was inspired by her methods of memory keeping and it sparked something in me which reminded me that I am a created being who loves to create. The idea of creating a picture journal, documenting life on a daily, weekly or monthly basis was of great interest to me as a Stay at Home Mom. 

It inspired me because I wanted my time at home to count and be recorded. I already had SO many pictures of me and the kids doing all kinds of activities, but what was I supposed to do with all those pictures? I didn’t want to forget this amazing journey at home with them, all the ups and downs, everyday moments and exciting milestones.

I began by pulling out all my scrapbooking supplies I still had from when I was 13. If you want to hear that story check out: My Creative Journey. It was like being in a time warp seeing all the stuff I had once used to create and record my life almost 20 years ago. I knew I wanted a different style than my previous work and Ali was doing Project Life by Becky Higgins, so I thought I would start there!

My first “Modern Scrapbook” album using Project Life was in 2018. Initially I attempted to make my own 12×12 pocket pages with the We R Memory Keepers tool that I borrowed from a friend. Entering into this art of creativity allowed me to connect with people that I otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to connect with. I am ALL about making connections, so it was very exciting to open up this whole new avenue for me. My pocket pages didn’t turn out the greatest so I invested in some brand name ones and decided to commit to this style of memory keeping. Project Life was a joy to do and I was able to find many resources to print my own card inserts and design the pages I could enjoy looking back on in years to come. 

Side note: its 2020 and I still haven’t completed my 2018 album #scrapbookingmomproblems

That same year I decided to try Ali’s December Daily album using all of her products. It was fun to use her products for that project which had all the supplies I needed. It allowed me to fully embrace her style of memory keeping while adding my artistic spin on it. It was so much fun and challenged my brain in a whole new way. I was able to do more artsy stuff that I had never tried before. Her Facebook Group pages were so inspiring and the connection to others in seeing their creations left me so encouraged.

The next project I tried was with Travelers notebooks inspired by Studio Calico. I did a series of 12 Travelers Notebooks, one for each month of 2019. I also invested in stamps from Studio Calico where I attempted to do artwork on the pages with stamps and photos, as well as patterned paper. I started my first Travelers Notebook with a Webster’s Pages insert. This was a whole new style of memory keeping which allowed for a smaller medium and more compact size to store later, and I was able to construct my own Travelers notebooks for each month. So far this method has been very fun and efficient to complete. To better document my pictures with quotes or journaling, I used the Collect App and printed my 3×4 photos with the quotes on them. It has really helped looking back to see what happened that day as everything is documented.

I haven’t started my project for 2020 yet. I am planning to do a Heidi Swapp Storyline album this year. Why not try another artistic style and learn from another amazing artist in the Memory Keeping world. I intend to share that journey with you once I begin and hope that my creative projects will inspire and encourage you! 

A quote that has kept me encouraged to press on from the beginning is this one:

You don’t have to do it every day or follow some prescription. EMBRACE imperfection, and there should not be any guilt involved.

Ali Edwards

We are Created to Create.